Design 2 food/drink products, which align with Patagonia's brand values and customers needs. 


Research was conducted to understand the Patagonia brand- in order to construct a set of brand values to design from. A frame of reference was used to understand the products. Consumer lifestyles were analysed to develop use cases and problem areas. 

  1. Values 

  2. Frame of reference 

  3. Consumer lifestyle 

  4. Use case development 

User Testing 

Prototypes made from foam and card to test the product to observe interaction with the form of the product in order to develop designs. 

Concept 1

Multifunctional water bottle for customers who often have to cook in poorly lit conditions. The bottle has a built-in torch, facing into the container, which refracts light 360 degrees around the bottle. 

Concept 2

The solution to cooking delicious food during hiking trips with limited utensils. The Wild Camping cook guide offers the customer flexible, easy to cook meals. The cooking cards can be removed and added depending on the length of the trip.

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